Our New Home

Since 2001, The Hope House has been blessed by a relationship with the Richmond State Hospital on the northwest side of Richmond, Indiana.  For years, a building on the property has been dedicated solely to The Hope House for the purpose of housing men in the homeless shelter and addiction programs.  The State Hospital’s willingness to serve as host speaks volumes about their commitment to the mental health of our community’s residents.  The staff, board, and participants are forever grateful for their hospitality.  This location has allowed the center to establish itself as an important community resource where faith guidance, addiction resources, and homeless protection can grow and strengthen.  As guests on the campus, The Hope House benefits from a variety of amenities: beautiful grounds, a roof over our head, and access to services offered by the Hospital.  However, the location and physical facilities have created a set of challenges that has recently become difficult to overcome.    

The Hope House has spent the last two years evaluating the past and planning for the future.  Considerations can be broken down into three categories:

1.  Serving our participants:  Is the current Hope House located in a place that is easily accessible to those who need the services?  Is the building sized properly to allow enough room for participants to be comfortable while simultaneously fostering community and trust?

2.  Serving our staff and volunteers:  Is the current location meeting staff needs for privacy and efficiency?  Are we easily accessible for volunteers?  Can the facility be renovated to better meet these needs?  Is a long-term lease possible to foster stability?

3.  Serving our community:  Does the current location welcome community involvement?  Does it remind Richmond residents that there is hope in the face of addiction and homelessness?  Does it help market our services and attract community support?

While the current location has been a gift to the program, answers to these questions pointed to a different facility located in Richmond where the message of The Hope House could be more easily heard.


The Hope House Board of Directors has located and purchased a facility on North 10th Street in Richmond- the former location of The Becky Rosa Center for Girls (Girls Inc.).  Though it was in need of renovations, the new building has several benefits:

1.  Location: It is close to Richmond’s downtown and easily accessible for participants, staff, and the community.  This area is served by public transportation and is located on the newly constructed bike/walking path.2.  Flexibility:  The building’s footprint is easily manipulated to fit the current needs of The Hope House while the surrounding property allows for growth.

3.  Stability:  Owning the property allows The Hope House to make changes based on program needs and eliminates the anxiety of rental uncertainty.

The finished space will include sleeping quarters for recovery program participants and homeless guests, a common area for classes and meals, a kitchen, office areas for staff and volunteers, and restroom/showering facilities.  The new site has been a nonprofit fixture for years and will continue to serve as a stabilizing force for a neighborhood that is known for supporting revitalization- of buildings and people.  Participants will benefit greatly from easy access to resources such as faith communities, unemployment services, and potential jobs.  The Hope House will no longer be a “hidden gem”, but instead, a community-centered “hand up” for those who have hit rock bottom.  

We invite you to join us as we create a NEW HOME for our organization
and a NEW DAY for our clients.