The Mission of the Hope House is to provide innovative recovery and rehabilitation to homeless or needy alcoholic and/or chemically dependent men through a continuing help program that sustains their desire to live a meaningful and productive life.


The Vision of the Hope House is to work cooperatively with existing drug and alcohol recovery efforts and to supplement them by providing residential facilities for men which offer a long-term residential option, places emphasis and responsibility upon the men in recovery, emphasizes the 12 Step Program and involves the community in this effort.


We recognize that a problem that affects all aspects of community life necessitates an answer which involves all aspects of our community.  This is our drive to include all community partners in the program.  


In addition, we acknowledge the importance of God/a Higher Power in recovery and our goal is not to establish a program that favors any particular denomination or which requires affiliation to a specific faith tradition to participate in our recovery program.

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