About Us

Whitney Mays, Director

Carol Black
Mary Bright, President
Debbie Craig, Secretary
Sharlene George
Barry MacDowell, Vice President
Kathy Stephen, Treasurer
Connie Strittmatter
Gene Webb

Royce “Butch” Bowers
Blaine Craig
Ron Chappell
Richard Nevels, M.D.
Matt Strittmatter

“At Hope House we don’t just get men sober. It becomes a contractual journey and a determination to walk our clients personally through the recovery process. Our faith-based concepts transform the whole person…Spirit, soul, and body.”

Whitney Mays

What People Say About Hope House

“This is not a place to hide out. The program works because it’s of pure motive: To find a new way to live. To find faith. To find God. There’s a purity of this program that I don’t think you would find anywhere else.”

Anonymous Program Participant

“I could never thank Hope House and Whitney for the help they gave to our family and my son who lived there for six months.  I firmly believe that it saved his life.”

Mother of Program Participant

“No matter of how big or small a town is, often times homelessness is a real issue.  Richmond and Wayne County are no different.  Hope House has provided a sanctuary for those in need, undoubtedly saving countless lives. Their service matters because every life matters.”

Mother of Program Participant

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